{001} Yahtzee game in progress

With a busy January looming, Paul and I headed up to Marin County for New Year’s Day afternoon…one last opportunity to chill out before 2011 gets crazy. We stopped into 19 Broadway in Fairfax for drinks by the fireplace and a few games of Yahtzee.


About The Inadvertent Gardener

My name is Genie. I was born in Washington D.C., where, in fact, people garden. I was not one of those people. In September 2005, I moved to Iowa. In April 2006, I decided to plant some herbs in a couple of pots. Next thing I knew, I had a garden.
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3 Responses to {001} Yahtzee game in progress

  1. Helene says:

    Oooh I love this layout! And this picture :)

  2. sam says:

    I do so love yahtzee

  3. Helene, I can’t take credit for the layout — hooray for free WordPress! But thank you re: the photo. :-)

    Sam, it’s so much fun. I used to have it on my laptop, but had to take it off because I was playing much too often…

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