{205} Pa amb tomaquet, two ways

One thing I wanted to do over the weekend was get to Contigo, since I hadn’t been there in months and pa amb tomaquet was back on the menu. We had it in its unadulterated version, as well as topped with La Quercia prosciutto. Heaven on a plate.

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{204} Small bodyguard

As Paul and I rode the California Street cable car line up the hill on Saturday night, we spotted this adorable youngster in front of the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins.

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{203} 13

{203} 13, originally uploaded by The Inadvertent Gardener.

While Paul was at a show at the Warfield, I took myself out to dinner and then met friends at Kozy Kar for a drink, where we waited for him to join us. I had been planning to spend the evening working, but felt pretty lucky that things worked out totally differently.

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{202} Bottle catching the sunset light

I had dinner at Encuentro tonight, while playing with my new Canon 60D as the sun set down 2nd Street.

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{201} Trivia Night

Though Paul and I had plans to meet up and do some camping and Burning Man logistics work, lo and behold, we found ourselves playing trivia at Blur instead. It is what it is.

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{200} Saffron from the Spice Market

Paul brought back this saffron from the Spice Market in Istanbul when he was there visiting in June. I used it tonight for the first time in a black bean and vegetable paella.

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{199} Kristina and Jen

This picture, taken at Kristina’s farewell dinner at Anita & Cam’s, makes me ever-so-happy, for so many reasons.

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{198} The moon, above the North Bay

I am not even going to begin to tell the story of what this shot entailed. But suffice it to say, it was the most memorable moment of the day.

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{197} Licking the instrument

Sunshine totally got into her role at the performance at her own graduation party. It was awesome.

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{196} Respect!

{196} Respect!, originally uploaded by The Inadvertent Gardener.

We had dinner at San Tung tonight with Anita, Cam and Kristina. This was Paul’s fortune.

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